Ways and Means Updates

Can Shake: Saturday, Nov. 12 – Parents are still needed to volunteer for two hour shifts at some locations. Please contact Jaimie Miller at 901-4667 to sign up. Students who didn’t have a chance to sign up during school can show up at any of the locations and participate!  Please encourage your student to participate – proceeds from the Can Shake go directly to offset our transportation costs for next season.

Raffle: All ticket stubs and payments are due Monday November 14 to the Band Room Mailbox. (no late submissions can be accepted) Questions – Trish Miller – 430-4818 or email: [email protected].

Wreath Sale: All Wreath orders are due Wednesday, November 16. Please share this event from the Event Page (click on the Events tab above) Spread the word – the wreaths are beautiful! Contact Rachel Anderson at 338-1255 if you have questions.

Barnes & Noble Bookfair: Sunday, December 4 – details to be announced at the Booster Meeting on 11/9.

As always – order forms are available on the Band Room table, at booster meetings and on the booster website under “downloads”

Hudson Valley Food Bank Food Drive – “Jam the Van”

Just an update on the Food Drive: ShopRite and 97.7 Radio have moved the “Jam the Van” event to November 19. (Can shake will still take place on the 12th as planned). So this gives us more time to make that 1,000 item goal! We are close to 800 items now! So with that said, we are still collecting non-perishable food items for the Jam The Van event. There will be collection boxes at the Pops Concert next Wednesday (11/16) – please consider making a donation of food as you pass through the door into the auditorium.

Did you know…

As the school year ends and summer begins, it’s time to think about relaxing with your friends, family vacations and of course, Marching Band!! While the new school year is 2 months away, there will be lots of activity starting right away with Freshman Marching, Sectionals and Full Band Rehearsals…and that’s just July and August. Then comes band camp (dates here)! This will be an overwhelming time for new new students and parents alike. There is so much going on, it’s important to stay on top of all that is happening.

We have put together a Did You Know list to help you through this. Please also feel free to reach out to any parent at any time if you’re not sure of something. Looking forward to another successful marching season.

Freshman Parent Buddy Program


Remember your Freshman year??  The Freshman Parent Buddy program is finally getting off its feet.
This year we want to connect Freshmen Parents with a Buddy that will help them get through the year.
These buddies would be responsible for answering questions and general guidance for an assigned Freshman family.
If you are interested in being a buddy to one or more freshmen parents, please email Michele Milgrim at [email protected].  Thanks!