Itinerary – Weekend #7 – Oct. 20-22

Friday, 10/20 -Truck loading
4:00pm – Load truck at KHS

Saturday, 10/21 – Rehearsal @ Dietz
10:15am – Truck arrives at Dietz
10:30 – Students arrive @ Dietz
11:00-4:00 – Rehearsal
4:15 – Go Home – Truck Unloads at Edson

Sunday, 10/22 – Home Competition @ Dietz Stadium
11:00am – Students arrive @ Edson and uniform
11:30-1:00 – Warm-up @ Edson.
1:26 – Performance
2:30 – Senior Recognition
3:30 – Store equipment at Dietz
4:15 – Back to Edson, truck loads uniforms
4:30 – Students Go Home from Edson
4:45 – Unload at KHS

Marching Season Calendar Posted / Volunteer forms

The calendar for the Fall 2017 marching season has been posted to the website. Click the 2017 Marching Info link to view/print out the calendar or fall schedule.


Due to new Board of Education procedures…ALL parents need to fill out a volunteer form even if they’ve done so in the past.  There is also a second form that is required to be filled out as well…the general release volunteer form. Both forms can be accessed through the links in this post and can also be found on the Downloads page under the Band Director Info section. Please fill out and send to the band directors at school.

This includes Moving Maestros as well. District employees DO NOT need to fill them out. You are vetted through the school district.