Hello from the Band Directors *UPDATED*

Note revised directions below in blue…please disregard earlier instructions.

First off, we both are hopeful that everyone is safe and enjoying their time off. There are a couple items of information that we would like to share with you:

1. ALL NYSSMA festivals are cancelled for the remainder of this school year. No Majors or Solo/Ensemble Festivals.

2. Any student doing a NYSSMA All-State Solo- it has yet to be determined what they are doing with the All-State Level Soloists. Stay tuned and keep practicing.

3. On Wednesday, March 25, from 3:00-5:00, students will be allowed to pick up their instruments. Here is how it will work:

  1. Turn off of Broadway onto Andrew St.. Take next right into the campus and then your next right. You are now driving with the new field on your right and East on left. Take a left to go between Main and Salzmann. We will be waiting for you right there.  You will then continue by taking a left at the end of the West Building.
  2. No students are allowed in the building at all… so if your instrument is in the Band hallway lockers, email us and we will get it out for you ahead of time. If it is in the choir hall lockers, email us your locker # and combo and we will get it out as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Mr. Giebelhaus Or [email protected] or

Spring Florida Strawberry Fundraiser

Fundraiser supports the General Fund, which pays for:

Instruments, Props, Color Guard Uniforms, Flags, Musical Arrangements, Coach Buses, Scholarships that lower individual costs, Emergency Expenditures, and Leadership Training

Ordering period is THREE WEEKS ONLY: Jan.30-Feb. 21. We must sell 108 flats as a band to have a complete order for delivery.

Delivery will be scheduled for a week and a half after the order is placed.





FULL FLAT (8 quarts): $25.80

HALF FLAT (4 quarts): $15.25


Questions? Contact Herb Lamb ([email protected])

Click to Download a Copy of the Order Form

Winter Concert | Thursday Jan. 30th

Details for the concert this Thursday:
  • Concert begins at 7:00 p.m.
  • The Main Building Broadway Doors will be open and the New Entrance in the back also will be open.
  • People who need to be dropped off (who can handle the front steps) can be dropped off between the pool and main building.
  • People who need to use the elevator must drop off/park in the back by the new entrance.
  • Extra security will be outside by the Main building to assist with directions and parking.

**Update: Pops Concert Postponed**

From Mr. Garner:

Due to numerous conflicts and availability of a venue, we are postponing the Pops Concert at KHS until the Auditorium is reopened. We would like to thank all who contributed to a fantastic marching season. The students, staff and booster club displayed a fine example of teamwork. Thanks again, and as soon as the auditorium reopening date is available we will reschedule the Pops Concert.

Championship Week and Weekend Schedule- Oct.21-Oct. 27

Monday, 10/21- Rehearsal @ Dietz- 3:00-6:00 

2:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz


6:15-Go Home-

Tuesday, 10/22- Rehearsal @ Dietz- 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-     Students arrive @ Dietz


9:15-Go Home-

Wednesday, 10/23- Rehearsal @ Dietz Stadium- 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz


9:15-Go Home-

Thursday, 10/24- Rehearsal @ Dietz 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz-


9:15-Go Home-


Friday, 10/25- No Rehearsal


Saturday, 10/26- Rehearsal @ Dietz

8:30am- Students Arrive at Dietz

9:00am-1:30pm- Rehearsal at Dietz

1:30pm- Load Truck

2:30- Leave Dietz- for Syracuse

4:30-  Stop at Thruway rest stop for dinner

6:00-Hotel- check in

7:30-Meeting at Hotel

10:00-Lights out


6:00-    Be in lobby of Hotel

6:15- Breakfast at rehearsal

6:30- Rehearsal at Parking Lot or sky top

8:15- Leave Hotel for Skytop

8:45- Report to Skytop-

9:00-Leave Sky Top for Carrier Dome

10:18-Performance Time


12:30- Go to buses

12:45-Depart for home

Lunch on Thruway

5:00- Return to KHS

5:30- Students go home




Schedule for 10/19-10/20 (Fall Fanfare)

Saturday, 10/19- Rehearsal @ Dietz

11:30-Load Truck at KHS

12:30-Truck arrives at Dietz

12:30-Students arrive @ Dietz

1:00- 6:00-Rehearsal

6:30-Go Home- Truck Unloads at Edson

Sunday,  10/20-  Competition @ Kingston HS @ Dietz

11:00-Students arrive @ Edson and uniform

11:30-1:00-Warm-up @ Edson.


2:30-Senior Recognition

3:30-Store equipment at Dietz

4:15-Back to Edson, truck loads uniforms

4:30-Students Go Home from Edson

4:45-Unload at KHS