**Update: Pops Concert Postponed**

From Mr. Garner:

Due to numerous conflicts and availability of a venue, we are postponing the Pops Concert at KHS until the Auditorium is reopened. We would like to thank all who contributed to a fantastic marching season. The students, staff and booster club displayed a fine example of teamwork. Thanks again, and as soon as the auditorium reopening date is available we will reschedule the Pops Concert.

Championship Week and Weekend Schedule- Oct.21-Oct. 27

Monday, 10/21- Rehearsal @ Dietz- 3:00-6:00 

2:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz


6:15-Go Home-

Tuesday, 10/22- Rehearsal @ Dietz- 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-     Students arrive @ Dietz


9:15-Go Home-

Wednesday, 10/23- Rehearsal @ Dietz Stadium- 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz


9:15-Go Home-

Thursday, 10/24- Rehearsal @ Dietz 6:00-9:00 

5:30pm-Students arrive @ Dietz-


9:15-Go Home-


Friday, 10/25- No Rehearsal


Saturday, 10/26- Rehearsal @ Dietz

8:30am- Students Arrive at Dietz

9:00am-1:30pm- Rehearsal at Dietz

1:30pm- Load Truck

2:30- Leave Dietz- for Syracuse

4:30-  Stop at Thruway rest stop for dinner

6:00-Hotel- check in

7:30-Meeting at Hotel

10:00-Lights out


6:00-    Be in lobby of Hotel

6:15- Breakfast at rehearsal

6:30- Rehearsal at Parking Lot or sky top

8:15- Leave Hotel for Skytop

8:45- Report to Skytop-

9:00-Leave Sky Top for Carrier Dome

10:18-Performance Time


12:30- Go to buses

12:45-Depart for home

Lunch on Thruway

5:00- Return to KHS

5:30- Students go home




Schedule for 10/19-10/20 (Fall Fanfare)

Saturday, 10/19- Rehearsal @ Dietz

11:30-Load Truck at KHS

12:30-Truck arrives at Dietz

12:30-Students arrive @ Dietz

1:00- 6:00-Rehearsal

6:30-Go Home- Truck Unloads at Edson

Sunday,  10/20-  Competition @ Kingston HS @ Dietz

11:00-Students arrive @ Edson and uniform

11:30-1:00-Warm-up @ Edson.


2:30-Senior Recognition

3:30-Store equipment at Dietz

4:15-Back to Edson, truck loads uniforms

4:30-Students Go Home from Edson

4:45-Unload at KHS

Itinerary for Oct. 12-13

Saturday, 10/12- Rehearsal-Dietz Stadium
8:00am- Load Truck at KHS
9:00am-Truck and Students arrive @ Dietz
9:30-1:00-Rehearsal at Dietz
1:00 PM Load Truck for Sunday

Sunday, 10/13- Competition at Arlington
10:00am -Students and Truck Arrives @ KHS
11:30- Leave for Arlington
1:52- Performance
4:30- Unload Truck at KHS

Itinerary for October 5-6

Saturday 10/5 Practice & Competition  

830 Load Truck @KHS

930 Students report Dietz Stadium

10AM to 2 PM Rehearsal

245 PM Buses arrive Dietz Stadium

330 PM Depart for East Ramapo

430 PM Arrive East Ramapo High School

652 PM Performance

8PM Depart from East Ramapo

915 PM Arrive KHS  945 PM Go Home

10/6 Sunday

230 PM Students and Truck report Dietz

3 PM to 8 PM Rehearsal

9 PM Unload Truck at Dietz Stadium

ITINERARY FOR Sept. 27-Sept. 29

Friday, 9/27– Football Game-Homecoming ParadE

3:00- Load Truck at KHS-then to GW –then to Dietz

Truck stays loaded for next day competition

3:30- Students Arrive at KHS

4:45-Busses leave for GW

5:15- Parade

7:00- Field Show

7:15-  Football Game

10:00- Buses arrive at KHS

Truck stays loaded for next day competition

Saturday,9/28-Rehearsal and Competition @ Auburn, NY-

8:00am-  Truck  to Dietz

8:30am-  Student arrive @ Dietz

9:00-12:00- Rehearsal at Dietz

12:30-  Busses arrive- Dietz Stadium

1:00- Buses leave Dietz Stadium

5:00Arrive Auburn HS


8:30- Leave Auburn HS

12:00– Back to KHS, truck stays loaded for rehearsal Sunday.

Sunday,  9/29–  Rehearsal at Dietz

2:15– Truck arrives Dietz

2:30- Students arrive Dietz

3:00-8:00- Rehearsal

9:15- Unload truck at KHS

Weekly Update from CutTime

ITINERARY WEEKEND #2 – September 14-15

SATURDAY 9/14/19 Rehearsal – Dietz / Competition Mohanasen
830AM Truck Loads at KHS

930AM Truck & Students report to Dietz Stadium

10AM – 230PM Dietz Rehearsal

230PM Load Truck

315PM Leave Dietz for Mohanasen

652PM Performance at Mohanasen

830PM Leave Truck Loaded for rehearsal at Dietz

SUNDAY, 9/15 Rehearsal Dietz Stadium
230PM Truck & Students report to Dietz Stadium

3PM – 8PM Rehearsal

9PM Unload Truck at KHS, Leadership

If you are signed up to chaperone this weekend, you should have received a text message. If you didn’t get the text, email Michele at [email protected] to see what happened. Please include your cell phone number in the email.  Cell phones are how I communicate with chaperones on the trips.

If you have not yet turned in your paperwork to chaperone, please do that as soon as possible.

Chaperones for Saturday check your cell phone for a text message with reporting details for Saturday.

Our first meeting of the year is this Wednesday, September 11th. General Meeting is at 7PM in the KHS Choir Room. We hope to see you all there.

Yankee Candle Orders are due by September 15th,

A Gertrude Hawk Chocolate order will be placed on September 19th

If you are not getting emails please notify Michele at [email protected]. If you are not getting text messages you need to go into your Cuttime account and enter your cell carrier and number.  If you need a new email with your CutTime log in credentials, please email Michele.